Travel & Hospitality

Innovate to evolve with the industry


Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream

  • Travel Suppliers
  • Travel Intermediaries

We support vendors generate profit and improve efficiencies through our customized service offerings. We help customers drive more revenue and enhance customer service while improving efficiencies. Driving ancillary revenue through multiple channels to transform the reservation process and integrating property management.

How can we help?

  • Transformation of your core reservation systems into a robust, modern platform for growth
  • Integration of online booking engine with partner sites and 3rd party applications
  • Enhanced security and authentication services
  • Design & implementation of POS, CRM & content management systems
  • Yield management applications to improve revenues
  • Modernization of property management systems

These play a key role in distributing travel products to consumers. Changing customer expectations are forcing travel companies to look for innovative ways to manage travel spend, cut costs, gain market share and better serve the traveler. They need to efficiently manage the entire travel cycle beginning from product planning to operations to accounting to managing the information systems for all levels of business.
We offer advanced services in digital, analytics, mobile, social and cloud technologies to address your requirements across all business segments.

How can we help?

  • Travel portals with an engaging user experience that is well integrated with loyalty, social and mobile features
  • Seamless booking experience across devices and channels for the well-connected, new-age customers
  • Integrations with travel suppliers and other third party systems
  • Implementing open source & commercial content management solutions
  • Inventory management applications that improve efficiency

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