Technology solutions for newer revenue streams


Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Custom Self-Service Portal
  • Omnichannel Apps
  • Digital Wallets

These initiatives aim at influencing the customer’s perceived quality of experience. It is imperative for businesses to make customers’ every interaction count throughout the life cycle to improve customer experience. Service providers are increasingly looking for insights derived from operational and business support systems to improve the quality of experience for millennial customers.

We can help you craft your customer experience across touchpoints and help you derive actionable insights out of your massive data sets.

How can we help?

  • Custom applications to accelerate and make customer onboarding a seamless experience
  • BI & advanced analytics to measure, predict and reduce customer churn rate
  • APIs and digitally connected network systems aid detecting network issues faster and makes it easier to proactively solve issues for a consistent customer experience
  • Modify and standardize testing processes to aid detecting network issues thereby helping proactive resolution of technical issues for a consistent customer experience

With our expertise in the customer self-service suite/portal, your customers can solve not just their own service issues but can also help each other through these channels reducing your overall cost of service. With service-enabling technologies, customer interactions are faster not just through the web but also by leveraging mobile technology.

How can we help?

  • With a seamless customer self-service suite/portal in place, gain significantly with cost reduction in the form of operational expenses
  • Business analytics can decipher customer buying patterns which in turn can be used for targeted marketing
  • Cloud offerings increase the number of customer access points and leveraging Social data providers insights on customer preferences and community trends

The omnichannel organizations need to respond very quickly to the latest trends that shape the future of the online shopping industry, owing to low entry barriers and the fact customers can switch providers effortlessly. While chatbots are still in its infancy, friction-less shopping experience and personalization powered by analytics are some of the non-negotiables in a winning e-commerce strategy. With its extensive experience across e-commerce platforms and custom applications, it can help you architect a solution that delivers a superior shopping experience to your customers.

How can we help?

  • Implement optimized e-commerce applications to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers
  • Leverage mobile devices and social networks to provide the customers with a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience
  • Provide best in class user experience by implementing engaging web portals
  • Robust content management solutions through various open-source and commercial platforms
  • Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions to ensure better conversions and optimized operations

Digital wallets enable the customers to make use of their financial resources in a secured and faster way. From building data-sensitive apps for global clients, we ensure hassle-free financial transactions across networks.

How can we help?

  • Digital wallet apps enable customers to create a secure channel using telecommunication and enables payments requested by retailers
  • With digital wallets, customers can also make informed choices about their payments and thereby enable managing their finances more efficiently
  • Our digital app expertise can functionally be impeccable by including any banking transaction available in one screen along with payment options for local and online vendors

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