Posted on Aug 03, 2021

Automation of API validation across different systems with different data combinations


  • The client’s application had various features including member management, agent management, and billing management, etc which are used by many upstream and downstream dependent applications, creating app management issues for the client.
  • With the ever-growing API, the client had to intermittently run regression testing on the massive set of existing APIs in addition to the new APIs.
  • Manual testing in different environments was time-consuming, which resulted in high costs.
  • APIs from the integrated applications have frequent changes, and all those services need to be validated across different systems and also using different data combinations.


  • Decided that automating API would help us to run the tests efficiently in minimum possible time
  • Developed Automation Test Suite to create different Data sets that cover testing for 4200 different test scenarios.
  • Test cases are developed using a data-driven framework. Test data is extracted into an external Excel spreadsheet and accessed independently.
  • Used Groovy script for custom scenarios and assertions to improve test coverage.