Posted on Aug 03, 2021

Enhanced existing digital marketing platform through cloud services


  • Handle and consolidate data coming from a variety of sources
  • Implement microservices for various business functions.
  • Automate the entire deployment process thereby reducing the time to market.
  • Given that there were multiple services involved (microservices architecture), time to market was usually high due to the testing effort involved in multiple environments.
  • Optimize the operational cost of the setup through better utilization of resources on AWS.


  • Implemented Lambda functions to handle data coming from multiple sources.
  • Implemented microservices and deployed to ECS (Docker Containers)
  • Modified the design to use Spot Instances instead of the on-demand EC2 instances for running one of their daily jobs.
  • Improved the build and deployment pipeline through the use of Jenkins.
  • Automated verification using Jasmine, Mocha, Karma.