Posted on Aug 03, 2021

Increased client's engagement with patients and pharmacists


  • The client wanted to integrate with a middleware receiver, McKesson CPS so that the middleware client i.e. Pharmacists can enroll the patients into the client’s program, receive their health details and send push notifications to the pharmacists to follow up with patients when certain criteria are met
  • The client wanted to create a generic middleware in order to roll out the solution to other clients and receivers


  • The client had an application where individuals can register and receive their health check-in information
  • We designed and implemented a middleware solution between the Client’s application and Mckesson CPS System in order to manage the program and interface between the two systems.
  • The user details from the Kiosk systems are sent to pharmacists which in turn enrolls the individuals to the client's CPS middleware pushes patient updates into middleware, receives patient data updates from middleware finishes the enrolment process, sets up notification alerts to the middleware clients.